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2015 China's machinery industry growth will be around 8%

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It is reported that in 2014, China's machinery industry to withstand the test of weak demand growth, opened in 2015, some experts predict that the growth rate in spite of the machinery industry will continue downward, but the bottom is approaching, the downstream is not out of control. Main industrial added value and expected revenue growth rate of China's machinery industry in 2015 will be around 8%, profit growth rate will be around 10%, exports will increase by about 6%.

According to the latest data show that the machinery industry is still subjected to the "winter" test, as of January, the machinery industry demand for talent compared to only about one percent increase over last year, demand for qualified personnel from the regional point of view, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong Province rose slightly compared with last year, respectively, 18.6%, 15.3% and 17.5%, second-tier talent needs major regions declined year on year, a decline of between 8% -13%.

Engineering machinery and equipment personnel warm winter

Despite slow growth momentum machinery industry as a whole, but in the engineering machinery still have highlights. According to statistics, as of January 2015, the post of talent demand over last year, up 19.5 percent compared to. From a regional point of view, demand for talent in Shanghai rose 23.6 percent, an increase of 19.4% in Beijing, Guangdong, an increase of 21%. Second-tier major regions, the demand for talent in Jiangsu jobs increased slightly, rose 10.8 percent.

It is understood that the end of China's State Council has approved a total investment of more than 10 trillion yuan of seven categories of infrastructure projects, of which more than 7 trillion yuan investment this year, projects will be about 300, aims to expand the current stable and effective investment economic growth, to ensure continued investment in economic growth this year to play a crucial role.

While infrastructure "booster" in the machinery industry, while encouraging recovery, to bring a glimmer of talent, "warmth." In terms of salary, the average salary for the position of talent in Beijing is 6595 yuan / month, the Shanghai area is 6732 yuan / month, the Guangdong region is 5374 yuan / month. Among the second-tier major regions, Chongqing up to 6678 yuan / month.

Machine / Lathe / punch worker / mechanic rose 12.5%

Data show that, as of January, the office personnel demand rose 12.5 percent compared to same period last year. From a regional perspective, the demand for talent tier regional positions and rose 16.7 percent last year, the second-tier major regions of Zhejiang, Hebei and then rose slightly compared with last year, the average increase was 9.5%.

Last year at low levels in the machine tool industry a bit dull, some small workshop-style machine tool manufacturers gradually closed closed down, so let's survival of the fittest in the industry consolidation in rebirth, but also to the talent brings hope. In terms of salary, the average salary for the job in Beijing is 4560 yuan / month, Shanghai is 5069 yuan / month, Guangdong is 4392 yuan / month, second-tier major regions, the highest average salary is 4661 yuan, Zhejiang / month.


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