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Die-casting mold industry in need of integration of the industrial structure

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Compared with the domestic die-casting mold industry and previous years great progress, but there are still many problems. Irrational industrial structure still exists. Industry structure including product mix, technological structure, import and export structure, have varying degrees problematic. In terms of product mix, along with the amount of plastic products, more and more, more widely, the proportion of plastic molds need to constantly improve.        

In recent years, exports of domestic mold growing international competitiveness has improved. But mostly concentrated in the middle and low areas, low mold technology level, low value-added, high-precision mold part also dependent on imports, so the domestic mold manufacturing in various fields to enhance integration.        

Die-casting mold industry is not necessary to excessive competition, technology development to implement division of labor, related industries and enterprises should take the high ground, hidden under the mind, pay close attention to new technologies, new technology research side, and gradually form a division of labor, there is cooperation in various fields a full range of research and development patterns, the introduction of mold products with independent intellectual property rights.


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