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"Made in China 2025" roadmap surfaced 10 key development areas

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Premier Li Keqiang March 25 chaired a State Council executive meeting, the deployment of accelerating the implementation of "Made in China 2025" to achieve manufacturing upgrades. Meeting stressed the need to conform to the "Internet +" trends in information technology and industrialization depth of integration as the main line, focus on the development of next-generation information technology, high-end CNC machine tools and robotics, aerospace equipment, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, advanced rail transport equipment, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, power equipment, new materials, bio-medicine and high-performance medical equipment, agricultural machinery and equipment 10 major fields. The meeting also decided to launch Chinese manufacturing key areas to upgrade the direction of the Green Paper directory guidelines, dynamic adjustment, rolling forward.

Widely believed to accelerate the implementation of the "Made in China 2025" to upgrade China's manufacturing industry continued to maintain steady economic growth is significant. The State Council executive meeting clearly conform to the "Internet +" trends, and identify 10 key areas of development, which means "Made in China 2025" is expected to introduce the "Internet +" as an important development ideas, and specific implementation roadmap has been The basic shape.

Highlights conform to the "Internet +" trend

The meeting pointed out, China is speeding up the process of industrialization, the manufacturing sector is an important pillar and foundation of the national economy. The implementation of the deployment of this year's government work report "Made in China 2025", for the promotion of Made in China to grow stronger, so that made in China contain more Chinese to create factors, greater reliance on Chinese equipment, relying on Chinese brand, keep in promoting economic growth, to towards the high-end level, is important.

It is worth noting that the meeting stressed that accelerating the implementation of the "Made in China 2025", to conform to the "Internet +" trends, to the depth of integration of information technology and industrialization of the main line. Widely said, "Internet +" concept, during the two sessions and the "Made in China 2025" also suggested that in itself worthy of attention; and the State Council executive meeting once again clearly conform "Internet +" concept, which means "Made in China 2025" is expected to introduce the "Internet +" as an important development ideas. Internet as a symbol of the information technology, the manufacturing sector in China during the upgrade process, play a crucial role.

Minister of Industry and Miao Wei in previously said, "Internet +" with a combination of industry Internet industry is a key development areas conform to the new round of industrial revolution and the industrial revolution, but also the government work report mentioned in the "Internet +" first to achieve One of the industry. Internet industry has a very large potential for development, there are many companies also noted that the use of Internet technology to improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises in the real world. It is estimated that in the next 20 years, China's industrial development of the Internet can bring GDP growth of at least $ 3 trillion or so. Miao Wei also stressed that the "Internet +" has a lot of space development. Internet applications are mostly present in the marketing aspect and after-sales service, purchasing links, such as B2C and B2B; in the manufacturing sector in the future will bring disruptive innovation and a new mode of production.

Professor, School of Management, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Knowledge Network Economics and Director of the Research Centre Management Lvben Fu to the "Economic Information Daily" reporters, said, "The Internet +" of the importance of information technology by traditional manufacturing, services, financial services and other production factors restructure. "Internet +" in order to activate the Chinese manufacturing industry, and the Chinese have a significant role in promoting economic upgrade.

High red ice Institute president Ali told the "Economic Information Daily" reporters, the essence of the "Internet +" is the transformation of traditional industries through the Internet after the online-based, data-oriented, in fact, to the stock from an incremental reform path, the Internet integration of traditional enterprise Traditional businesses to embrace the Internet, these two forces together to create a new, more dynamic economic development, and to further promote social development.

10 major areas of focus on the development path

The executive meeting also made it clear, "Made in China 2025" will focus on the development of next-generation information technology, high-end CNC machine tools and robotics, aerospace equipment, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, advanced rail transportation equipment, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, power equipment, new materials, bio-medicine and high-performance medical equipment, agricultural machinery and equipment 10 major areas, strengthen the industrial base capabilities, improve the technological level and product quality, and promote intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing.

In this regard, the majority of people in the industry said the proposed 10 key areas of development, which means "China 2025" is no longer an abstract concept, but with the specific implementation roadmap.

Miao Wei said that China is a big manufacturing country, but not a manufacturing power, yet a large number of international competitiveness of key enterprises, industrial development as well as a number of major technical equipment need to overcome. In addition, China should also have a number of important products in the international market place. According to this idea, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, more than 150 experts spent a year and a half strategic argument, followed by the Ministry on the basis of the development of the "Made in China 2025" Plan. Ministry workers meeting disclosed that 10 key areas of development is determined according to the existing situation and China's manufacturing advantages, in addition to promoting the development of technology and the field needed, we will also continue to promote the development of the current industry has certain advantages, in order to ensure China made a comprehensive upgrade and future competitiveness.

At present, China's manufacturing industry is in the challenge from low-end to high-end chain "climbing" the transformation and upgrading of the stage, both not seen before, there are unprecedented opportunities. Ministry of Industry and former Minister Li Yizhong said earlier, the issue of Chinese manufacturing was once "off the real to the imaginary" dangerous tendency, there is a capital free, brain drain, element transfer, low efficiency and so on; and in the new round of global industrial chain restructuring process, China's manufacturing industry also faces competitive pressures in developed countries in Europe and America. Currently, Europe and other developed countries have launched a national strategy to revitalize manufacturing and plans. For example, the United States, "re-industrialization", "manufacturing renaissance", "Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Programme", Germany's "Industry 4.0," Japan's "re-Hing strategy," France's "new industrial France," and so on. Therefore, the "Made in China 2025" made the focus of future development of a stage in a timely manner, no doubt to the Chinese manufacturing and Chinese economic planning out a clear development path.

Boshi research report said that China is still a lot of industry in the industrial phase 3.0, such as robots, increasing material manufacturing and other core technologies to be improved, technical route and has yet to develop a unified standard, Industry 4.0 will be the development direction of China's future industry, "Made in China 2025" will become an important support for stable industrial and economic development.

Support policy is expected to be launched soon follow

The Council decided at the same time, the introduction of key areas in China to upgrade the direction of the Green Paper directory guidelines, dynamic adjustment, rolling forward. Adhere to market-oriented reform and innovation, enterprises play the main role in supporting medium and small enterprises to promote a view key breakthrough, effective, taxation, finance, personnel and other policies should be given tilt. Through unremitting efforts, to build China's manufacturing upgrades. Accordingly, the "Made in China 2025," the follow-up is expected to be launched soon supporting policies, which would include taxation, finance, personnel policy of public attention.

In fact, the "Made in China 2015" after lodging industry experts advise, to achieve the "Made in China 2025" long way to go. At the national level, the integration of resources should be focused on, as soon as possible the introduction of specific support measures, seize opportunities, promote the upgrading of key supporting industries manufacturing competitiveness; develop appropriate financial policies to encourage enterprises to implement international mergers and acquisitions. From the business perspective, should accelerate the shift from factor-driven to innovation-driven, low-cost competitive advantage into competitive advantage of quality and efficiency, changes in resource consumption, pollutant emissions and more extensive manufacturing, implementation of green manufacturing.

Part-time researcher at the German Research Center of Tongji University, China and Germany Feng Xiao, vice president of engineering, said, "Made in China 2025" is the realization of China's industrial version 4.0, essential personnel training, personnel training and experience is worth learning German. But in the current digital age, is not recommended in the early stages of industrialization in Germany in 1880 to establish the "apprentice" system. But should be updated according to the current trend of rapid technological and establish lifelong education and vocational parallel system. So you can learn German, to establish some special vocational school, college or career-related courses, and thus the formation of lifelong education and vocational binding.

In addition, insiders pointed out that with the "Made in China 2025" the implementation, but also the need to accelerate broadband, wireless Internet, cloud computing, Internet banking as the representative of the "new economic infrastructure" building. Ali Institute report shows, roads, railways, represented logistics network, traditional financial institutions, energy facilities and retail network, is an integral part of the traditional industrial society infrastructure; and with the extensive application of information technology such as the Internet, broadband, Cloud Computing Center, the Internet and other financial institutions, software and hardware facilities, will be supporting the economic development of the "new economic infrastructure," should be given to the development of future support, and then for the "Made in China 2025" to provide implementation support.

In this regard, the Ministry recently said it would promote the network infrastructure, continue to promote the "Broadband China" Action Plan; while in economically underdeveloped areas, and introduce universal telecommunications service compensation mechanisms. In addition, the Ministry also said it will develop a series of preferential policies for small and micro enterprises, to help businesses grow.


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