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  • How to Distinguish The Iron Pots Manufacturing Method: Lost Wax or Sand Casting?


    The appearance of the iron pot made by the precision lost wax casting is very exquisite, and most of them are fully finished. The "custom sand casting method" iron pots generally do not use full work, except for the hail-shaped pots, and the plume lines are generally plain. Read More

  • What Is The Difference Between Gravity Casting And Sand Casting And Die Casting?


    1. There are many technological methods to make metal materials into required products, such as casting, forging, extrusion, rolling, drawing, stamping, cutting, powder metallurgy, and so on. Among them, casting is the most basic and most commonly used process. Read More

  • What Are The Requirements of Sand Casting Design


    Whether the structure design of dry sand castings is reasonable has a great impact on casting quality, productivity, and manufacturing costs. Hurry up and click on this article to understand the design points in the sand casting design process. Read More

  • Metal Sand Casting Introduction


    A brief introduction to metal sand casting. This article mainly introduces the cost of metal sand casting process, sand casting metal parts, sand casting design, etc. Click the article to learn more. Read More

  • 8 Basic Steps of Sand Casting


    The basic process of the traditional sand casting process has the following steps: sand matching, mold making, core making, modeling, pouring, sand falling, grinding processing, inspection, etc.Click for more details! Read More


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