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Auto Parts

  • China Customized Forged Shaft with Good Performance
    As a premier forged shaft manufacturer, Yifei Forge can produce forged steel shafts weighing up to 4,000 lbs. Our stainless steel forging lead times are the best in the industry, often 2 times faster than our competitors.
    As a smaller forged shaft manufacturer, we have greater flexibility in our production, which helps make our forged steel shaft turnarounds so fast. In addition, due to forged steel shafts superior characteristics, the quality of forged steel shafts that we create are of far higher quality than shafts machined from bar stock.
  • China High Quality Forged Shaft Manufacturer Used in Electric Tool
    We at Yifei Forgings ensure that we provide our buyers with the right length and right diameter so that the purpose of the shaft is fulfilled with competence. We know the value and the importance of each material and how it may affect the functioning of a business. So our clients need not worry about it. We pay significant attention to the kind of material that is used in the making of the shaft forgings and forged shafts.
  • China Precision Forging Alloy Steel Auto Parts Manufacturer
    Yifei Forge achieve the accuracy and functions required by customers for individual parts. We design everything in the production process, from the selection of raw materials and the proper production process, to the finished product. We have worked hard to meet the needs of individual customers by streamlining processes and raising quality by the fully enclosed die forging of cold/warm forged auto parts and drivetrain component parts, which require higher intensity and wear resistance.
  • China Forging Alloy Steel Auto Parts Factory
    We are professional manufacturer and supplier of Auto Components from China and is one of the leading chassis components manufacturer in the world.
    Our customer base includes virtually every global automotive OEM and Tier I supplier. As an auto forged components manufacturer, we have always been able to support our automotive customers by helping them meet stringent environmental norms, and improving fuel economy with our products.
  • China Customized Forged Auto Parts Supplier
    Precision forged Cylinder Bearing Hub or Trunnion mostly used into commercial vehicle, agriculture machine and special purpose vehicle, this automotive part used heat treatment process of normalizing and surface hardening (after machining),it always requires machining for accuracy.
    Customized forged part applies at Shaft extension and power transmission. Quality assembly plants recommends customized forged parts along with machining from China to export heavy vehicle and few agricultural component industries.
  • China Alloy Steel Forged Auto Parts
    Auto exhaust systems are responsible for dispensing the resultant gases when air and fuel are burned in the combustion chamber. The exhaust systems are not to be underestimated as they can actually free up a good amount of power in your engine. This is because when your car's engine can 'breathe' better, used fuel and air can exit the combustion chambers faster, more power will be created!
  • Forging Car Accessories Company
    An engine cooling system helps to keep the engine from overheating and thus keep its elements from harm. In modern vehicles, it carries heat away from hot engine components and warms air in the heater. It can also cool oil, exhaust gases, turbocharged air, and the transmission fluid in automatic gearboxes.
  • Customized Forged Machined Auto Parts
    Don't wake up the neighborhood at the crack of dawn because of your noisy engine - Yifei has the solution your neighbors can appreciate with our wide variety of mufflers and exhaust systems. When it's time for a new muffler or exhaust system, Yifei has the right products to reduce noise levels while simultaneously increasing power and performance.


We are an exported-oriented enterprises specialized in casting & forging parts.

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