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Brass Die Casting Parts

  • Die Casting Grass Hilt
    The scaling of the metal dies used in brass die casting is general and the die should be ejected from the casting equipment (maybe every eight hours) as well as polished. The repeated cleaning will result in dimensional changes, and where component dimensions are significant, machining of the brass casting or part may become essential.
  • Grass Key Made by CNC Machining
    The cold chamber units used to die cast other alloys used in the metallurgical process are appropriate for brass alloys. The pressures of the die casting ram range from 3,000 to 10,000 pounds per square inch. The die casting plunger’s speed may differ from 10 to 250 pounds per square inch. The regulation the speed, pressure, venting, gating, as well as die temperatures are basically the same and influence the die castings’ quality, as with zinc and aluminum die castings.
  • China Die Casting Grass Dolphin
    Brass die casting with high pressure produces repeatable and intricate shapes at competitive costs. Some brass die casters operate cold chamber equipment that ranges from four-hundred to seven hundred and fifty tons in capacity. Besides, fully automated cells are also available at their disposal for heavier components or higher volumes required by the client.
  • Metal Crafts by Die Casting and CNC Machining
    Casting is an object made in the die casting process. The metallurgical process is done with different alloys, among which brass is one. Copper alloy castings (brass castings) have the highest corrosion resistance as well as mechanical properties of all die-cast parts. Owing to the high metal temperatures as well as shorter mold life, brass in die casting has not been accepted readily as a good alloy.


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