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China Customized Investment Casting Metal Auto Parts Factory

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Yifei has extensive experience in investment casting and provides customers with a variety of precision castings. We will use high-quality raw materials and technology to manufacture industry-standard castings.

Product Description

Investment Casting vs. Sand Casting

In addition to precision casting, Yifei also provides customers with sand casting, rapid prototyping, centrifugal casting, foam lost foam casting, permanent mold casting and die casting.

If you are still interested in investment casting, you need to be clear that it is generally used to produce parts that require extremely high precision. This casting process can achieve thinner walls and complex cavities.

Compared with other casting technologies, investment casting can provide finer details and excellent surface finish.

For example, the mixture of sand and clay used in sand casting has higher porosity than wax molds used in investment casting, and cannot be used to make precise and complex parts.

Why Choose Yifei Investment Casting Services?

The Yifei Machinery prides itself on its experience and commitment to quality. At Yifei, we also ensure that every customer receives the following benefits with our specific processes:

  • Specialized shell making equipment

  • Reliable quality assurance

  • Short runs or high-volume production

We use the most advanced wax processing equipment. Our semi-auto wax injection machine allows us to make wax molds faster and reduce completion time.

Our dewaxing machine can melt patterns quickly. Our casting molten metal equipment does not produce bubbles, which minimizes the risk of defects.

We also use a variety of materials, including super duplex stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, magnesium and gray, ductile iron or white iron.

Metal Gear for Auto Parts

SAND  CASTING Green  Sand Grey  Iron,   Ductile  Iron,   Malleable  Iron,   Stanless  Steel,   Carbon,   Steel,   Aluminium, Brass, Bronze
Furan  Resin  Sand
Cold  Harden  Resin  Sand
INVESTMENT  CASTING Sodium  Silicone  (Water  galss) Stainless  Steel,   Carbon  Steel,   Special  Alloy  Steel  Bronze, Brass,   Aluminum
Silica  Sol
FORGING Hammer  Forging Stainless  Steel,   Carbon  Steel,   Alloy  Streel,   Brass,     Aluminum
Die  Forging
Roll  Forging

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