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China High Quality Customized Forging Hydraulic Parts

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Yifei Machinery is producing different forged and machined hydraulic components such as glands, pistons, bushes, etc. These parts are manufactured based on the customer technical requirements. Our capacities allow us to manufacture components of hydraulic cylinders of any difficulty and precision according to your demand.

Product Description

Forgings used in hydraulic components are often seen in the construction and mining industries, where they encounter many rigorous situations. These environments require equipment with structural integrity and high-quality parts. Yifei Forge provides the forged hydraulic components that will not only survive through these conditions, but are also durable.

We can offer our customers the following hydraulic forging parts:

  • Piston

  • Trunnion

  • Flange

  • Barrel or Tube

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Rod

  • Clevis

  • End Cap Assembly

  • Gland

Our extensive experience with forging and casting combined with our in-house engineering and design capabilities, helps customers identify the best manufacturing process for their products.  In some cases, our analysis may lead to fabrication-to-casting or casting-to-forging conversions which can result in significant cost savings and reduction in lead time.  If you want to get more information about casting and forging solution, please contact us now!

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