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China Investment Casting Float Transmitters Parts Supplier

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All investment casting parts products offered in our factory come in high precision and good performance. We're one of professional investment casting parts manufacturers and suppliers, expecting to be your long-term partner.
Yifei Casted Float Level Transmitters provide reliable and durable remote tank gauging for small to mid-size tanks in both process and OEM applications.

Product Description

Working Principle of Level Transmitters

The working principle of level transmitters mentioned above varies according to their underlying principle. For instance, capacitance level transmitters operate through a capacitor, hydrostatic level transmitters depend on the pressure of a fluid in a storage container for level measurement, while ultrasonic level transmitters convert the distance travelled by an ultrasonic wave to determine the level, and so on. However, all these level transmitters measure the level in either of the three ways:

  • The weight of the fluid

  • The pressure head of the fluid

  • The position of the fluid in a container

Level measurements are classified into two types– direct and indirect level measurements or performed by contact or non-contact transmitters. Direct level measurements are considered ideal for small level changes, which are observed in various industrial tanks. However, most level transmitters are designed for indirect level measurements as they are sensitive and designed for too high or too low level measurements, where direct measurement becomes difficult. Ultrasonic level transmitters can be availed in contact- or non-contact configurations.

Magnetic Level Transmitters

These transmitters use a magnetic object, which is suspended in a buoyant float. This is usually in a narrow auxiliary column, to restrict lateral movements of the float. While the float is on top of the liquid, the movement of the float is measured by a different magnetic device. This allows a precise and stable fill level to be transmitted. This method is suitable for continuous measurement owing to the tendency of the float to rise or sink based on the liquid level.

Yifei can offer you investment casting parts, railway casting parts, railway parts, excavator machinery parts, mining machinery parts, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery parts, sand casting, bucket tooth, auto parts, stamping & forging, and valve parts. We are capability in manufacture non-standard metal machining.

1. Investment casting sand casting/ lost wax casting/precision casting/gravity casting/stainless steel casting/carbon steel casting/ die casting/cookware handle casting/pan handle casting/home hardware casting;
2. Materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and duplex steel, wcc, wcb, lcc, color metal etc;
3. Surface treatment: Heat treatment, machining, polishing, anodizing, hard anodizing, galvanized, enp, chrome plating, powder coating and painting;
4. Software for specification drawings: Pdf, auto CAD, solid work, proe;
5. Main production equipments: Wax injection, CNC-machine, heat treatment furnace;
6. Quality assurance in accordance with ISO9001: 2008, strict material inspection and exact dimension control, 100% quality control.
7. OEM order is welcome;
8. The parts can be made completely based on your specifications such as drawing, design, sample etc.

Investment Casting Float Transmitters Parts


Investment Casting Float Transmitters Parts


Investment Casting Float Transmitters Parts


Investment Casting Float Transmitters Parts


Investment Casting Float Transmitters Parts


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