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China Investment Casting Steel Parts Manufacturer

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Yifei Machinery has been providing our customers with castings in different industries. All the molds we provide are designed and manufactured by our employees. Before sending them to customers, we will also check whether the size specifications of these products are wrong.

Product Description

The Investment Casting Process

Modern steel castings use complex parts and mechanical parts. Typical investment casting processes include:

  • Create patterns: Manufacturers use computer modeling programs to create three-dimensional solid models. Then, they use stereolithography (a 3-D printing process) to convert the virtual model into a model made of wax or other meltable materials.

  • Mold manufacturing: Workers immerse the wax mold in the refractory slurry several times to form a skin on the wax mold. For low temperature melts, the slurry usually contains plaster of Paris (binder) and powdered silica (refractory). High-temperature melt uses silicon dioxide (adhesive) and sillimanite (refractory material). Depending on the fineness of the surface treatment required, workers will apply additional coatings of ethyl silicate and sillimanite.

  • Mold heating: Workers heat the pattern in the oven to melt the wax.

  • Mold preheating: Workers preheat the mold to about 1000°C to remove residual wax, harden the adhesive, and ensure that the mold is completely filled with molten metal.

  • Metal pouring: Pouring methods include the use of gravity and pressure or vacuum conditions.

  • Inspection: The expert ensures that the cast part is the same as the original design and there is no damage or weakness.

Investment Casting Applications


The aerospace industry relies on precision casting to manufacture products such as satellites, aircraft door frames, hydraulic fluid system components, actuation systems, bearing covers, cargo systems, and landing and braking components.

Power generation:

Turbine blades, fuel nozzles, seals, air boxes, combustion accessories and turbulence tubes are all manufactured by precision casting.


The military uses investment casting to implement a variety of applications, including robotics, gun manufacturing, missile components, electronic enclosures, armored vehicles, shipboard components, sonar and radar receivers, and heavy equipment components.


Auto manufacturers use custom investment casting for unique and aftermarket parts, tools and accessories.

Yifei Investment Casting has more than 17 years of experience creating QS-9000 and ISO-certified investment castings. To reduce your risk, our strict quality control practices ensure the finished product meets your exact specifications. Explore the investment casting options available by contacting Yifei today.

SAND  CASTINGGreen  SandGrey  Iron,   Ductile  Iron,   Malleable  Iron,   Stanless  Steel,   Carbon,   Steel,   Aluminium, Brass, Bronze
Furan  Resin  Sand
Cold  Harden  Resin  Sand
INVESTMENT  CASTINGSodium  Silicone  (Water  galss)Stainless  Steel,   Carbon  Steel,   Special  Alloy  Steel  Bronze, Brass,   Aluminum
Silica  Sol
FORGINGHammer  ForgingStainless  Steel,   Carbon  Steel,   Alloy  Streel,   Brass,     Aluminum
Die  Forging
Roll  Forging

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