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China Lost Wax Casting Connector

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The custom-made pipe connector parts are made of aluminum and are made in China according to user requirements and through the ISO-certified investment casting/lost wax casting process. Available materials: according to customer requirements, alloy steel, aluminum, brass, carbon steel, copper, stainless steel.

Product Description

In terms of the results that can be achieved by this manufacturing method, Yifei's lost wax casting process often surprises engineers. The application of our process brings many benefits to engineers, including:

  • Thin wall, small or micro casting, wall thickness can reach 0.2mm

  • Able to produce lightweight parts as light as 1g

  • Castings with high-quality surface details and finish

  • Use 3D printing to quickly prototype metal parts

  • In-house CNC machining and low-cost tools are also provided

Materials:Carbon steels, alloy steels, stainless steels, Ductile iron, Gray iron, high chromium iron, high Mn steel

Investment Casting Connector


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