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Customized Precision Investment Casting Machining Pats Supplier

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Yifei Machinery manufacture parts that can be used in a wide range of industries, from Aerospace and Military to Automotive, Energy and the general engineering sector. Firearms can also have components cast with this process, like triggers and hammers, and other small parts that can be produced with a high level of accuracy at a low cost. The resulting parts tend to be small, but investment castings weighing up to approximately 70 lbs can be created too.

Product Description

There are several manufacturing processes that allow for the casting of specialised parts, with one of the most commonly used being the investment casting process.

Investment casting, or “lost wax” process, is one of the oldest known metal casting methods, in which molten metal is poured into a mould. We can trace its roots back to Ancient Egypt and China, where patterns were formed out of beeswax 5000 years ago to create jewellery or other ornamental objects. Today, we use high-technology waxes, refractory materials and a broad range of alloys.

This casting process offers numerous benefits:

  • Allows many intricate and complex forms to be cast

  • The resulting parts have smooth surfaces with no parting lines.

  • A vast array of alloys can be used, ferrous or non-ferrous, including alloys of aluminium, bronze or magnesium, cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel (as well as materials that can be difficult to machine).

  • Parts have good dimensional accuracy.

  • Allows for both low and high-volume manufacturing.

  • Cost of production is reduced, since waste is minimal and it doesn’t require too much assembly.

  • It’s also possible to add names, logos or numbers to the parts.

This type of casting also allows the production of small parts with a high level of accuracy, repeatability and integrity. A ceramic mould is used to create an exact duplicate of the component, and the need for secondary machining can be reduced, since the investment castings are created to shape.

We can offer you investment casting parts, railway casting parts, railway parts, excavator machinery parts, mining machinery parts, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery parts, sand casting, bucket tooth, auto parts, stamping & forging, and valve parts. We are capability in manufacture non-standard metal machining.

1. Investment casting sand casting/ lost wax casting/precision casting/gravity casting/stainless steel casting/carbon steel casting/ die casting/cookware handle casting/pan handle casting/home hardware casting;
2. Materials:
Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and duplex steel, wcc, wcb, lcc, color metal etc;
3. Surface treatment: Heat treatment, machining, polishing, anodizing, hard anodizing, galvanized, enp, chrome plating, powder coating and painting;
4. Software for specification drawings: Pdf, auto CAD, solid work, proe;
5. Main production equipments: Wax injection, CNC-machine, heat treatment furnace;
6. Quality assurance in accordance with ISO9001: 2008, strict material inspection and exact dimension control, 100% quality control.
7. OEM order is welcome;
8. The parts can be made completely based on your specifications such as drawing, design, sample etc.
9. Export Markets: Australia Investment Casting / Precision Casting, America, United States. U. S. A. Investment Casting / Precision Casting, Canada Investment Casting / Precision Casting; U. K. England, Britain Investment Casting / Precision Casting, Germany Investment Casting / Precision Casting, France Investment Casting / Precision Casting, Espana, Spain Investment Casting / Precision Casting, South Africa Investment Casting / Precision Casting; Sweden Investment Casting / Precision Casting; Finland Investment Casting / Precision Casting; Belgium Investment Casting / Precision Casting; Romania Investment Casting / Precision Casting; Russia Investment Casting / Precision Casting; Brazil Investment Casting / Precision Casting; Argentina Investment Casting / Precision Casting.

Precision Casting Machining Pats

SAND  CASTING Green  Sand Grey  Iron,   Ductile  Iron,   Malleable  Iron,   Stanless  Steel,   Carbon,   Steel,   Aluminium, Brass, Bronze
Furan  Resin  Sand
Cold  Harden  Resin  Sand
INVESTMENT  CASTING Sodium  Silicone  (Water  galss) Stainless  Steel,   Carbon  Steel,   Special  Alloy  Steel  Bronze, Brass,   Aluminum

Silica  Sol
FORGING Hammer  Forging Stainless  Steel,   Carbon  Steel,   Alloy  Streel,   Brass,     Aluminum
Die  Forging
Roll  Forging

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