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Customized Sand Casting Flange Shafts Factory

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OEM Design/Service. Yifei Machinery can supply various products (OEM) according to the customers’drawings and requirements.
Please offer us your enquiry with detailed drawings, specifications, unit weight, quality requirements and pictures. We will supply you not only the products with good quality but also competitive price.

Product Description

The materials of flanges

The materials of flanges include grey iron, ductile iron, cast steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel, of which grey iron and ductile iron are the most common materials.

The most of flanges are usually made by grey iron. They have good corrosion resistance, wearing resistance, and it is very strong, non-deformation. Moreover, the cost of grey cast iron is cheap.

The ductile iron flange is more expensive than grey iron, but it has better strength and elongation.

The application of flanges

Flanges are commonly used in plumbing systems, water systems, electrical factory, pipe connection and building construction etc. It is convenient for maintenance and its life time is long. Flanges help to keep the pipes stay strong without the risks of leakage.

In high pressure zones, welded flanges can prevent the pipes from corrosion, but they will reduce flow rate. In low pressure areas, it is recommended to use flanges with bolts as it facilitates smooth flow.

The surface treatment of flanges

The surface of flange should be used rust resistant coating, such as electro galvanizing, bituminous paint, powder coating and so on. All these coatings could prevent rust effectively.

In general, sand casting process is fitted for the manufacture of flange. The necessary machining will be needed to meet the requirement of flatness. In China, most of iron foundries could produce flange castings.

1) We can do different kinds of surface treatment after casting, such as machining, polishing, and plating
2) We make them by precision casting, investment casting and steel sand casting process in Ningbo, China
3) They are using for Auto machine and others
4) Machine parts (machining parts or machinery parts), matelwork (metal products) and stamping parts.
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Casting, Canada Investment casting;U.K.England, Britain Investment casting, Germany
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Open Die Forging Flange Shafts

SAND CASTING Green Sand Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, Malleable Iron, Stanless Steel, Carbon, Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Bronze
Furan Resin Sand
Cold Harden Resin Sand
INVESTMENT CASTING Sodium Silicone (Water galss) Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Special Alloy Steel Bronze, Brass, Aluminum
Silica Sol
FORGING Hammer Forging Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Streel, Brass, Aluminum
Die Forging
Roll Forging

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