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Metal Crafts by Die Casting and CNC Machining

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Casting is an object made in the die casting process. The metallurgical process is done with different alloys, among which brass is one. Copper alloy castings (brass castings) have the highest corrosion resistance as well as mechanical properties of all die-cast parts. Owing to the high metal temperatures as well as shorter mold life, brass in die casting has not been accepted readily as a good alloy.

Product Description

Of the die-cast brass alloys, the yellow brasses are subjected to the metallurgical process the most often. The benefits of brass casting parts, as with other alloys used in die casting, comprise good surface finish, accurate dimensional control, as well as high production rates.

In brass die casting, the induction brass melting is preferred usually. It will create less melt loss via dross formation, quicker melting, better brass composition control and temperature control, and less absorption of gas by the metal. The brass melting process’s speed is also significant, to reduce volatile alloying elements’ vaporization. It pertains especially to zinc, one of the alloying elements of brass.

1. Material: Copper and zinc
2. Colour: Various colours are available
3. OEM designs are welcome.

Our Advantage:
1. We are professional metal crafts making suppliers. We have our own factory in Zhejiang province.
2. More than 10 years international trading experience.
3. OEM&ODM, customized are accepted.
4. Strong R&D teamwork.
5. Quality assurance in accordance with ISO9001: 2008, strict material inspection and exact dimension control, 100% quality control.
6. Mixed order is accepted.
7. Best after sale service.


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