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Forging Car Accessories Company Forging Car Accessories Company
Forging Car Accessories Company Forging Car Accessories Company
Forging Car Accessories Company Forging Car Accessories Company
Forging Car Accessories Company Forging Car Accessories Company


Forging Car Accessories Company

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An engine cooling system helps to keep the engine from overheating and thus keep its elements from harm. In modern vehicles, it carries heat away from hot engine components and warms air in the heater. It can also cool oil, exhaust gases, turbocharged air, and the transmission fluid in automatic gearboxes.

Product Description

An engine cooling system consists of the following elements:

Coolant expansion tank. This is a reservoir for storing coolant. It is designed to compensate for coolant volume changes. The tank cap has a special valve used to regulate the pressure level in the cooling system.

Water pump. It ensures coolant circulation.

Radiator. This component is used to cool antifreeze. The fluid flow moves through thin pipes connected to metal fins for heat dissipation. Counter-current airflows pass between the fins, thus cooling the pipes and the fluid inside of them.

Fan. It produces additional airflow when the engine requires more intense cooling.

Thermostat. This component regulates the flow of fluid inside the system. When the engine is started when it’s cold, the valve of the thermostat is closed. The coolant moves along the small circuit without passing through the radiator. As soon as the engine reaches its operating temperature, the valve opens and the fluid starts flowing along the big circuit, including the radiator.

Hoses. These are used to connect components of an engine cooling system.

Sensors. These are used to control the system. For example, for switching the fan on automatically.

Auto Parts /Alloy Steel Forged auto Parts

Yifei can offer you investment casting parts, railway casting parts, railway parts, excavator machinery parts, mining machinery parts, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery parts, sand casting, bucket tooth, auto parts, stamping & forging, and valve parts. We are capability in manufacture non-standard metal machining.

1. Investment casting sand casting/ lost wax casting/precision casting/gravity casting/stainless steel casting/carbon steel casting/ die casting/cookware handle casting/pan handle casting/home hardware casting;
2. Materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and duplex steel, wcc, wcb, lcc, color metal etc;
3. Surface treatment: Heat treatment, machining, polishing, anodizing, hard anodizing, galvanized, enp, chrome plating, powder coating and painting;
4. Software for specification drawings: Pdf, auto CAD, solid work, proe;
5. Main production equipments: Wax injection, CNC-machine, heat treatment furnace;
6. Quality assurance in accordance with ISO9001: 2008, strict material inspection and exact dimension control, 100% quality control.
7. OEM order is welcome;
8. The parts can be made completely based on your specifications such as drawing, design, sample etc.


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