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Investment Casting Metal Box Factory

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Investment casting is material efficient, generating far less waste than wrought processes. This becomes increasingly important when using costly alloys. Also, the process is accurate. Dimensional tolerances of ± 0.003 in./in. are readily achieved. This tolerance is critical on parts such as turbocharger compressor wheels that spin at speeds greater than 200,000 rpm and have to be finely balanced. Finally, delicate parts with walls as thin as 0.025 in. can be investment cast.

  • Metal Box with Investment Casting
  • Aluminum, Steel, Iron, etc.
  • Special Casting
  • Cast Steel
  • Semi-permanent
  • Galvanized

Product Description

Nearly any metal that can be poured can be investment cast. However, because it is so material efficient, economics are particularly attractive for high performance alloys. High on the list is titanium with its superior strength-to-weight properties at high temperature and in corrosive environments. Zirconium is similar, and is often the choice for parts such as valve components in extremely corrosive applications. Other metals include cobalt-chrome alloys for biomedical implants, a number of stainless steel alloys, and nickel alloys where very high temperature creep resistance is needed as in aerospace applications.

Materials:Carbon steels, alloy steels, stainless steels, Ductile iron, Gray iron, high chromium iron, high Mn steel

1) We can do different kinds of surface treatment after casting, such as machining, polishing, and plating
2) We make them by precision casting, investment casting and steel sand casting process in Ningbo, China
3) They are using for Auto machine and others
4) Machine parts (machining parts or machinery parts), matelwork (metal products) and stamping parts.
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SAND CASTINGGreen SandGrey Iron, Ductile Iron, Malleable Iron, Stanless Steel, Carbon, Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Bronze
Furan Resin Sand
Cold Harden Resin Sand
INVESTMENT CASTINGSodium Silicone (Water galss)Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Special Alloy Steel Bronze, Brass, Aluminum
Silica Sol
FORGINGHammer ForgingStainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Streel, Brass, Aluminum
Die Forging
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