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Mining Machinery Parts

  • China Customized Open Die Forgings for the Mining Industry
    Yifei Forge can produce individual forgings up to 4,000 lbs., up to 24" in diameter and thickness, and up to 12' in length. Through open-die forging, we can create custom products in almost any shape from stainless steel, carbon steel, alloys, and nearly 200 other materials. We also offer the shortest lead times in the industry. This enables us to create new or replacement parts for machines and equipment quickly and efficiently, to keep your mining operation on schedule with minimal downtime. And, the open-die process results in forgings that are far stronger and more durable than cast or machined parts.
  • Customized Die Steel Mining Forgings Manufacturer
    From forgings designed and created solely to perform sub surface right through to those for deep sea. Our team can offer all types of parts to ensure you continue digging around the clock.
    We improve service life with custom made forgings for all your mining needs. In the past we have forged the largest rock breaking chisel of its time at 25 tonnes finished machined.
  • China Mining And Impression Die Forging Parts Factory
    As the industry leader in steel forgings, Yifei Forge proudly serves the heavy equipment market for customers all over World. Our closed-die, hot forging process is ideal for repeatable reliability. Some of the most rugged applications for forged parts are found in heavy equipment, from excavators to backhoes in construction, to tractors and combines in agriculture. The use of steel forgings in heavy construction equipment, off-highway and mining machinery, depends on high strength and durable components to withstand harsh, rugged conditions.
  • China Customized Mining And Construction Machinery Parts by Forging
    Our semi-closed die processing allows for near net shape forgings that support both single-piece and high-volume manufacturing. This enables us to reduce stock, which limits additional machining and improves mechanical capabilities.
  • Mining And Constrution Forged Parts Supplier
    Our experienced technically trained account managers and forge development engineers partner with you to provide optimal solutions. From forgings made for the mining trucks to components used in draglines and rope shovels, the Yifei Forge Mining Services Team delivers the parts to keep you digging.
  • China Mining Machinery Forging Parts Manufacturer
    The mining industry puts equipment through some of the harshest environments that they can't afford to fail. The endurance and mechanics of this equipment must be impeccable. The last thing you want your company to experience is a crusher or a dragline that breaks down, leaving you with delayed work. Yifei Forging service provides the forgings needed to perform to such a standard.


We are an exported-oriented enterprises specialized in casting & forging parts.

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