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  • Automotive Components Casting Process And Techinique


    In the automobile manufacturing process, there are many auto parts made of cast iron, accounting for about 10% of the weight of the vehicle. These parts include Cylinder block, transmission case, steering gear housing, rear axle housing, brake drum, various brackets, etc. Model forging, is a p Read More

  • Advantages of Investment Casting Aluminum Alloy


    This blog mainly introduces the advantages of investment casting aluminum alloy, high dimensional accuracy and surface finish and various complex castings. Click the link for more information. Read More

  • An Introduction Guide to Investment Casting


    This article mainly introduces the characteristics of investment casting, the types of mold materials and performance requirements, mold making process, shell making process, shortcomings and preventive measures. Hurry up and click on the article link for more detailed information. Read More

  • What Is Hot Chamber And Cold Chamber Die Casting


    This article introduces the definition of die casting and the difference between hot chamber die casting and cold chamber die casting. If you are unclear, you can contact our professional engineers online to solve any die casting service problems for you. Read More

  • Investment Casting with 3d Printing


    This article mainly introduces the relevant knowledge points and steps of 3D investment casting. Click on the link to view more information. Read More

  • Causes of Shrinkage in Precision Casting And Preventive Measures


    This article mainly introduces the causes and preventive measures of shrinkage in the precision casting process, including but not limited to improving the casting structure, reasonably assembling modules, and improving the melting process. Quickly click on the link to view more detailed information. Read More

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