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  • Investment Casting with 3d Printing


    This article mainly introduces the relevant knowledge points and steps of 3D investment casting. Click on the link to view more information. Read More

  • Causes of Shrinkage in Precision Casting And Preventive Measures


    This article mainly introduces the causes and preventive measures of shrinkage in the precision casting process, including but not limited to improving the casting structure, reasonably assembling modules, and improving the melting process. Quickly click on the link to view more detailed information. Read More

  • Sand Casting VS Investment Casting VS Die Casting VS Centrifugal Casting VS Gravity Casting


    This article introduces the differences between 10 casting methods, including sand casting, investment casting, die casting, low-pressure casting, centrifugal casting, gravity die casting, vacuum die casting, squeeze casting, lost foam casting, continual casting. Click on the article to understand the difference between them. Read More

  • Brief Introduction of 3d Printing Sand Casting


    3d printing sand casting is a metal processing method in which liquid metal alloy poured into a casting cavity suitable for the shape of the part, and then it is cooled and solidified, a metal part blanks with a certain shape, size, and performance is obtained. Read More

  • Sand Casting Process Flow


    Sand casting has been used for centuries, using the most popular and simplest casting mold. Sand casting is a casting process used to make large parts such as gray cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, and other types of steel. The main steps include painting, mold, core making, modeling, melting and pouring, cleaning, etc. Click for details. Read More

  • How to Distinguish The Iron Pots Manufacturing Method: Lost Wax or Sand Casting?


    The appearance of the iron pot made by the precision lost wax casting is very exquisite, and most of them are fully finished. The "custom sand casting method" iron pots generally do not use full work, except for the hail-shaped pots, and the plume lines are generally plain. Read More

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