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Casting Bucket Tooth Manufacturer

Casting Bucket Tooth Manufacturer
  • Casting Excavator Adapter/ Bucket Tooth for Deawoo Manufacturer
    We, Yifei Alloy Castings, are manufacturer and supplier of Precision Casting Parts, predominantly Excavator Tooth Point, Excavator Bucket Tooth Point, and so forth. Built in the 2003, we are new to the business however upheld by best of industry experts having unlimited experience of the area. We receive most recent apparatuses and innovations to make Excavator Tooth Point,Excavator Bucket Tooth Point, and so forth in agree-ability with the most recent business standards.
    Likewise, we take after cutting edge examination methodology of the items to guarantee dimensional precision, long useful life, high effectiveness, and consumption safety. Clients can profit from us tough Excavator Tooth Point produced using low amalgam steel in dark shade. We utilize producing throwing method to make the item guarantee precise surface hardness and hearty end bits.


We are an exported-oriented enterprises specialized in casting & forging parts.

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