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Closed Die Forging Parts

Closed Die Forging Parts
  • Closed Die Forging Open Spelter Sockets
    Yifei Machinery’s well-staffed engineering department is involved with all projects from the quotation stage to the actual production process, including design-to-manufacturability and define-to-cost exercises. The engineers are intimately familiar with the most common 3D CAD/CAM modeling systems, as well as DEFORM, the most comprehensive forging simulation software on the market.
  • Closed Die Forging Gear for Farm Machinery
    Yifei Forge and Machining has many decades of experience serving the agricultural equipment industry. We forge and machine alloys including carbon and micro-alloy steel, extra hard tool steels, stainless steel and aluminum. The end-use of our forgings range from parts used in earth moving machines to critical components used in crop harvesting equipment.
  • Closed Die Forging Trencher Tooth Supplier
    Yifei Machinery is located in Ningbo, Zhejing,China. We are good at Closed die forged- Closed die forging parts. The weight controled is 0.2-25kg.The material range includes Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel,Stainless steel, etc. We use the processes of quartz drop forging techinics. Those Closed die forged- Closed die forging parts are widely applied in the train, Wagon, Engineering machinery , truck, Ship, Mining machinery, Valves, Drilling rig machinery, construction machinery and so on.


We are an exported-oriented enterprises specialized in casting & forging parts.

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