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Forged Auto Parts

Forged Auto Parts
  • Forged Auto Parts Manufacturer
    The front wheel axles are the auto components, which is manufactured by forging. Their weight is about 30kg. With its chemical components and mechanical properties checked by specialized inspectors, its quality is good. Contact the supplier for more details.
  • China Customized Forged Auto Parts Supplier
    Precision forged Cylinder Bearing Hub or Trunnion mostly used into commercial vehicle, agriculture machine and special purpose vehicle, this automotive part used heat treatment process of normalizing and surface hardening (after machining),it always requires machining for accuracy.
    Customized forged part applies at Shaft extension and power transmission. Quality assembly plants recommends customized forged parts along with machining from China to export heavy vehicle and few agricultural component industries.


We are an exported-oriented enterprises specialized in casting & forging parts.

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