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Sand Casting Valve Parts

Sand Casting Valve Parts
  • Customized Alloy Steel Sand Casting Valve Parts Supplier
    From the past years, Casting metal is popular and has cost-effective engineering in the casting industry. We assure that our products and service are set according to the requirements of clients. If you’re aiming growth and success, Yifei is the right partner you can trust.
    Here, we work together to make solutions and achieve your goals!
  • China Precision Sand Casting Valve Parts Factory
    The expert team at the Yifei Company has decades of experience providing high-quality sand casting of industrial pump and valve components. We are able to work with over 100 grades of iron and steel, including proprietary alloys upon request. If you are unsure or require feedback on material choices, our shop is supported by onsite metallurgical experts who can help you find a material that will meet all the demands of your unique application.


We are an exported-oriented enterprises specialized in casting & forging parts.

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