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Trustable Experience Customized Casting & Forging Manufacturer

YiFei Machinery Parts Co., Ltd.
More Than 19 Years Experience in Ningbo, China.

We are well-experienced at:
1) CNC machining for precision metal parts
2) Forging/Die casting/Sand casting/Extrusion/Stamping
3) CNC Turning for precision metal parts
4) CNC Milling for precision metal parts
It is custom required Lifting hinge made by high quality steel, named G20Mn5. Producing by casting and machining. Totally weight is about 1.4Kg. Holes are doing by casting and machining center. With strict tolerance, we have good mould design and process plan. The finished lift hinged are well matched with other fittings. We will also check the dimension and quality one by one before packing and shipment. Quality control,good performance in use. We win customer’s trust and established a long term cooperate with buyers.
Inner hub made by quality grey iron G400 exported to U.S. The weight of this part is almost 1.4Kg. It is made by casting and then machining. Customers have a high requires on the surface of the parts. We use machining center and CNC machining to produce all the surface including the holes and grooves. Our inspect will check the dimension after each process. Before the shipment, wipe anti-rust oil on spindle bore and surface portion to avoid rusting. Besides, anti-rust bag is also applied in the wooden case.
A quality clutch, a part of container load. Producing by steel, with good performance. Dimension tolerance according to ISO8062 CT10. Machining allowance approx.3mm. Weight is about 8.5kg. It is a common requires for our production. OEM producing is our advantage. We are familiar with this kind of casting machining spare parts related with container. It is also black painted as our customer’s requires. Our parts are always with good surface and quality. Checking and packing will also be carefully go on after parts are finished producing.
We always pursue quality first,integrity-based management philosophy, professionalproduction and intentions. 

YiFei Machinery Parts Co., Ltd.

We manufacture each part with great enthusiasm to meet our customers′ needs all over the world, we guarantee quality as per the customized designs and/or drawings. If you have any requirement for our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.
In order to ensure the product quality, we have a good team for the product inspection. Export business has been engaged for many years in our company. What′s more, we have set up long-term business relationship regarding to precision parts with customers from all over the world.
we are engaged in offering our customers a wide range of Agriculture Machine Parts. These parts are designed with corrosion resistant body under strict industry laid norms.
We can provide our customers a list of automotive parts mostly for vehicles using internal combustion engines which are manufactured components of automobiles.
Yifei Casting produce cylinder block for automobiles by sand casting and Die casting with high quality and exported overseas.
Corner casting plays an important role in the lifting, handling and fixing of containers. Once the container corner fitting is damaged and cannot be used, the entire container may collapse.
Investment casting, also called lost-wax casting, makes parts from molten metal, usually stainless-steel alloys, brass, aluminum, and carbon steel. Click to find more investment casting parts.
Looking to develop industrial parts for your machines or products. We develop customized injection molded parts as per your specifications. Click to find more machinery parts.
We have the capacity to handle both large and small volume runs. Yifei is specialized in manufacturing and supplying a variety of ferrous & non-ferrous castings and forgings.
We have the capacity to handle both large and small volume runs. Yifei is specialized in manufacturing and supplying a variety of ferrous & non-ferrous castings and forgings.

CNC Processing Ability

We have a large number of machines to meet Turning/Milling/Drilling/Stamping etc. different processing, such as CNC machining center 3-Axis, 4-Axis and 5-Axis, CNC lathe machine, CNC automatic lathe machine, Punching machine, grinder, precision internal/external grinding, wire cutting, spark machine, etc. The detection equipment: projector, altimeter, digital micrometer, digital caliper, quick gauge, plug gauge, internal/displacement gauge and other high-precision testing instruments, the detection accuracy up to 0.001mm.

We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

  • How to get a quote?

    Kindly send us the drawing of your product,please. Including details as below: a.Materials b. Surface Finish c. Tolerance d. Quantity If you need solutions for your application, kindly send us your detail requirements, and we will have engineers to service you.
  • How does the payment process work?

    Payment terms are flexible for us. We can accept different type payment way.
  • How do I know about the production?

    We will double confirm your requirements and send you the sample before the mass production as you required.

  • How do I know about the delivery?

    Before shipment we will confirm with you about all the details including CI and other attention issues. After ship out, we will inform you of the tracking number and keep updating the latest shipping information for you.
  • What will you do for after sales?

    We will follow up and await your feedback. Any question related to our metal parts, our experienced engineers are ready to help. And welcome to contact for any supporting of your other application even if their is no relationship with our products.
  • Are you manufacturer or trader?

    Both trader and manufacturer. We have our own Machining factory, and also work with many excellent factories to supply more process service to meet cutomers' requirements.

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