About Us

Ningbo Yifei Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. is an exported-oriented enterprises specialized in casting & forging parts. It locates in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. YIFEI was founded in 2003, with a floor area of 5,000 square meters . We have established quality assurance system conforming to ISO9001:2000 standard.

Area to Market 

Most of our products export to United states, United kingdom, Spain, Germany France and some other European countries And we mainly serve following industries: Architectural Hardware、 Automotive and Off-road Vehicles 、Construction Machinery、 Construction Tools 、 Electrical Controls 、Machine Packaging Equipment、Medical Equipment 、Precision Optical Equipment 、Printing Press Equipment 、Security Control Systems 、Sporting Equipment 、Textile Machinery、Compressors、Conveyor Systems 、Cranes 、Flow Meters 、Marine Hardware 、Pumps & Impellers 、Valves , Traffic Equipment etc..