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Die Casting Grass Hilt

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The scaling of the metal dies used in brass die casting is general and the die should be ejected from the casting equipment (maybe every eight hours) as well as polished. The repeated cleaning will result in dimensional changes, and where component dimensions are significant, machining of the brass casting or part may become essential.

Product Description

In die casting brass, the mold life is usually given more consideration than the surface finish of the die-cast part. If temperatures are way too low, then scrap parts are made. When the die temperature is way too high, it will lead to blistering. Usual die casting mold, as well as core temperatures, are amid 600F and 1300F. Water or oil is usually circulated through the metal die to control the temperatures. The die lubricant is only sparingly used in brass die casting, because of the tendency of it to burn into the brass casting, leading to defective outputs. Graphite and/or oil is generally used on the tips of the plunger or where the release of the casting is an issue.

The most significant factors in the production of brass die cast parts are weight, shape, quantity, as well as possible replacement orders, for giving an informed quotation. The die casting defects, misruns, excessive porosity, as well as flow lines are some of the pitfalls in the process. Therefore, die casters at Pacific Die Casting vie to achieve a proper balance of the brass temperatures, the die temperature, gating, and venting to resolve or eliminate the issue.

1. Material: Copper
2. Colour: Various colours are available
3. OEM designs are welcome.

Our advantage:
1. We are professional jewelry making suppliers. We have our own factory in Zhejiang province.
2. More than 10 years international trading experience.
3. OEM&ODM, customized are accepted.
4. Strong R&D teamwork.
5. Quality assurance in accordance with ISO9001: 2008, strict material inspection and exact dimension control, 100% quality control.
6. Mixed order is accepted.
7. Best after sale service.

Grass Hilt by Die Casting


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