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China Investment Casting Metal Spare Parts Manufacturer

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Yifei is a leading manufacturer and supplier of precision casting parts. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality investment casting. Our investment casting molds are of high quality, and the castings we produce have competitive prices in the market.

Product Description


We offer several investment casting techniques to meet our clients’ requirements.

The purpose of the aluminum precision casting process is to obtain good mechanical properties in castings that do not require warpage. It has a compact structure, no pores, and a consistent high-range stretch performance. The process also provides thin-walled profile parts, fully traceable individual parts, various sizes and weights. Our aluminum investment casting process is suitable for industries that need to consider weight, strength and casting stability.

The investment casting process we also provide can produce complex shapes that are difficult or impossible to produce using other methods; almost no surface finishing is required, and only small machining is required. The casting time is short, and it can produce small batches or large batches of metal castings, in line with the general casting tolerances of ISO 8062-3:2007. It is widely used in many industries such as oil and gas, automobiles, aerospace and railways.

Commercial-grade investment casting process has many advantages of high-quality investment casting, such as design flexibility and good casting integrity. However, this method is most suitable for larger, less complex design parts, which may require a higher level of repeatability and completeness than ordinary sand casting parts.

Materials: Carbon steels, alloy steels, stainless steels, Ductile iron, Gray iron, high chromium iron, high Mn steel.


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We are an exported-oriented enterprises specialized in casting & forging parts.

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