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ODM/OEM Investment Casting Spare Parts Factory in China

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For more than ten years, Yifei has been committed to providing high-quality engineering parts to customers at home and abroad. The different types of engineering components we provide include compressor pistons, levers, cover plates, stop plates, nuts, impellers, auto parts, rocker arms, water pump bodies, etc.

Product Description

Investment Casting Advantages & Disadvantages

Different casting processes have advantages and disadvantages. Although investment casting is useful for creating complex parts, it also has some disadvantages.

The advantages of the investment casting process include:

  • Higher precision

  • Neat surface finish

  • A wide variety of metals used for casting

  • Can produce complex parts

Yifei precision casting foundry is equipped with the most advanced equipment, including a high-quality gate system that can reduce casting defects. Our equipment can make the surface of the casting smooth and clean, and the mold eliminates the flash or parting line in the finished product.

The ability to produce precision parts makes it the best choice for high-precision products.

However, investment casting also has the following potential disadvantages:

  • Longer production cycle

  • Higher precision casting costs

  • It is difficult to cast parts that require cores

Compared with our other casting services, the total cost of precision casting is higher. The higher cost comes from additional materials, labor and equipment. However, if customers place large-volume orders, the average cost will be reduced.

Although investment casting allows us to create complex components, adding cores or cavities to parts can increase the complexity of the project. Precision casting is a project-specific solution, and it is usually used for parts that require higher precision.

For example, the process is commonly used to manufacture small parts for cooling systems, guns, and aerospace equipment.

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